Trancificio Romagnolo


Specialists in the production of internal elements that support the shoe, like tips and spurs, but also counters, using specific technical material for any assembling or final result.

We inhance shoe comfort with nail covers and in soles, then for a final touch, we produce various shaped and sized cardboard cut outs to support the bootleg, supplying paper for the packaging, sticks for stretching the shoe and natural para rubber for removing imperfections and glue smears.

We don’t put any limitation to your ideas, experimenting with material and modifying thicknesses, assembling and creating a product that meets your requirements.

Toe Box:
We create toe boxes in material, extruded material and tnt, heat and normal glues, quality Italian material counters and a processes consisting of more fleshing for the more demanding, Also sanding ... to give that hidden perfection that supports.

specialized in manufacturing fabric counters, capable of a pliability sometimes irreplaceable.

Nail Covers:
dozens of standard models and many being designed, to give ease and comfort hiding what unites a shoe. We use various thicknesses and quality of salps and foamed plastics with different characteristics: aluminum, pvc, textiles, rubber, cork and synthetic, single or in roll ... you just have to choose.

the support of a shoe is not improvised, the most suitable material varies from model to model, from paint to leather, our warehouse is at your disposition.

we cut carton for boot sustainability and support of shoes, for greater invisibility in the case of perforated uppers we have also transparent PVC that performs in the same way but more discreetly.

sometimes something beyond the clients control is slightly out and the shoe is too narrow, too accolade, the heel positioned badly, the insole not leveled properly.... here more than a thousand shims come into play to correct what is wrong, models and custom materials that solve these minor problems with little effort and little cost, without the need to restart the whole job of modeling.

for extra comfort and appearance we produce piantelle to assemble before the insole that give softness and shape the sole of the shoe, also smoothing any irregularities. Foam, foam rubber, salpa, coated with aloe and tnt: room for innovation!

crepe rubber for getting rid of glue smears, cardboard to cover the operating trolleys, card and material sheets .