Trancificio Romagnolo

About: Specifications and Services

Normal or strong adhesive?

Adhesives are integrated in some of our products; we care about making the best choices and we use the best techniques for gluing our semi-manufactured products, conceived to stick to the most difficult surfaces

Die cut or DXF?

Basing on your needs, you can choose either to send us your punch or to send us by e-mail the files suitable for CAD in order to allow us to carry out a cut using a cutting table. Alternatively, you can send us any fibre-cardboard templates and we will take care of it.

Machinery and work:

We have a press for a complete die cut and for ease we produce half cut rolls using an automatic die cutter. For innovative cuts and for optimizing the costs, in case of small quantities, our automatic cutting table with two heads, is ideal.

-Sanding procedure:
Often the shoe tip gives problems with marking but using the proper material and the correct sanding technique, we can guarantee the maximum invisibility.

German and Italian technology for the fleshing ad hoc also on the finest and toughest material

If your products must be distinguished by article, size, left or right, we can print any description on them so that the identification and the assembling becomes easy.

we have managed to handle the problem of choosing between the fleshed products, being more difficult since they are cut singularly and non fleshed products, but supplied in a roll ready to be used. Using our machine we are able to apply a glued surface to most material after the writing process, combining quality and practicality. In collaboration with a major Italian producer of adhesives, we supply a vast range of glues for the best adherence and durability.